Monday, March 11, 2013

Jon Frederson vs. Freeder

Jon Frederson  vs. Freeder

In the 1970's, an industrial sociologist named Harry Braverman contributed a thesis on 'deskilling' to the collective knowledge.  In general terms, Braverman argued that:

Our world system is incessantly driven to deskill the labor force to lower production costs and ensure higher productivity. Deskilled labour is cheap and above all easy to control due to the professionals lack of direct engagement in the production process. In turn work becomes intellectually or emotionally unfulfilling.

I propose that it's hard to argue that our profession has become increasingly de-skilled, and that a thesis forged in the industrial age is as relevant in our post industrial era.

Fewer and fewer tasks required of IT professionals requires writing any code or creating novel methods.

When was the last time we used the knowledge gleaned in our efforts to get those degrees in Computer Science?   What types of positions do we find are out there and require creative thinking, take us closer to the finished product and provide a sense of pride and fulfillment in our work?

I'd love to hear.